Small Businesses, Make Huge Differences During Tough Times

We are used to living in a world where celebrities and professional athletes influence and inspire.

However, times are changing, and we see that workers stocking shelves, delivering food, or working in hospitals alongside the sick, are selflessly putting themselves at greater risk of exposure to help do their part in keeping the country running. 

Forward Thinking Logistics is proud to employ some of these workers. With deliveries needed for paper products, packaging for food, parts for emergency response vehicles, and equipment needed to maintain national security, our company drivers have not stopped working since the pandemic started.

Although FTL has had a downturn in shipments since March, they are grateful to still be able to be productive.  There is also a sense of honor and responsibility to keep customers shipments moving and their supply chains strong.

Tom Behling, Chief Executive Officer for FTL, is grateful to be part of the efforts to help keep the economy moving, no matter how big or small their role is. “It makes me proud of what we do here at FTL. We were fortunate enough to have been able to remain open during these times. Many businesses were not able to do so and are facing uncertain times never seen before in our country,” Behling said.

As employees come to work every day, our top priority is to take care of their safety. “We are doing everything we can to keep our drivers safe. We also remind them that when they go home to not be complacent and to keep following safety measures. We encourage them to play their part in being safe,” Behling added.

Those safety and health precautions also include keeping the driver's spirits high and positive. “Of course, the drivers are worried. But spirits are high and we are keeping our employees informed with the proper health information,” Behling said.

Gerry Behling, who is FTL’s Logistics Coordinator, is in contact with the drivers throughout the day. Because FTL is a small close-knit company, the staff is missing the comradery they usually have with each other every day. “I keep it positive for them, but at the same time, I have to isolate myself from them. They have expressed they miss talking and hanging out in the office after work, but they understand the need not to. We work hard, but we like to joke with each other, and the drivers miss that right now. We don’t get that face to face that we used to, which we believe is important for a healthy company culture,” Gerry Behling said.

While the health and safety of employees are top priorities for many businesses now, so is the job security. After learning of the pandemic FTL was able to take immediate action in securing the assistance of the Payment Protection Program. The PPP is a loan recently enacted due to the COVID-19 that is designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.

“It has enabled us to give our employees the confidence to know that we’re looking out for them,” Sara Behling, Chief Financial Officer for FTL said.

As we all brace for what is next during these unknown times, it is companies like FTL that will keep moving every day to keep our economy and world functioning. Shipment by shipment, small businesses, and frontline workers like the ones at FTL are making huge differences to help our world continue to move.

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