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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Whether you’re heading through “beer town” (Wisconsin) or you’re on a “backslide” (return trip) from the “dome” (Houston). You probably wouldn’t have known what those terms were unless you knew some trucker lingo.

We are breaking down some of the funniest and strangest trucker terms out there.

“Bear” or “Smokey Bear”

This term might be one of the most essential words in the trucker language because it could end costing you or the company you work for some extra money if you get caught speeding. A “bear” also known as a cop, came from the state troopers big hats, which looks like “Smokey, the bear.” The term is sometimes shortened to bear.


No, not the real reptile. But we can see how the term makes sense out on the road. Blown or busted tires that are lying on the side of the road are referred to as “Gators” because they can look like or resemble an alligator. Watch out, don’t run them over they might bite your truck!

Bumper Sticker

It’s never a good idea to follow anyone too close, let alone 80,000 lbs. semi-truck. But just so you know if you chose to do so, they have a name for you on the CB radio. So the best idea is to just get back “bumper sticker” and drive a safe distance behind semis.

Travel Agent

When driving a truck, it can sometimes feel like you go to so many different places for drop-offs and pick-ups that you need someone to help with all the details and arrangements. Well, that would be your dispatcher, AKA, a “travel agent.”

Through the woods

Sometimes there is a traffic jam, road closures, or you just feel like taking different a route and getting off the highway to mix it up a little. So, you go “through the woods,” or in trucking terms, take the back-roads. A change of scenery is always nice to have once in a while.

Chicken Coup

Have you ever really looked at a weigh station along the side of a highway? A tiny area, for very large trucks, to fit into. Those semi-trucks are confined to such a small space that they feel and look like they are in a chicken coup.

We could go on all day with the lingo list for truckers, so stack them eight and put the pedal to the metal, over and out.

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